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Melissa Garcia Ames 

Editing Portfolio

Melissa specializes in creating beautiful inspirational content for creatives, healers, and the fitness/wellness industry. 


She can make your business or idea stand out by intuitively tapping into the emotion and style of your vision. She's created content for kickstarters that raised over their goal of 35K, content for corporations, and personal transformation videos that motivate viewers.

She loves working with you until you love the end result as much as she does.



FITNESS SHOW TEASER: This is the teaser to a show that's like carpool karaoke for fitness. Instead of driving we run, sing, and dance while we do an interview that uses running as a metaphor for life to achieve your dreams. 

Shot on Arri Alexa (4k)  

Wellness Demo Reels


MEDITATION: This is the demo reel for Rey's intuitive coaching and healing meditation events. It covers footage from 3 events and was such a joy to create.



WELLNESS SOCIAL GOOD: This is a kickstarter video for the tech startup Social Chiper - a game that helps children with Autism. It was successful in raising over 35K to support the founders vision.

Corporate & graphic - Editing reel - click play

Corporate & non profit


This showcases corporate and graphic work from Taco Bell Corporate, a non profit that works with lawyers, and a dance studio promo. 

Buisness Overview

PRODUCED & Scripted

This is an iFund Women Campaign video done in partnership with Dylan Beck Media. 



LAUNCH EVENTS: This is an event recap video for the launch of the fitness and entertainment company RUNfully Global. 

Transformational videos

Melissa has a passion for telling stories of transformation through montage and music. She will help you search through, select, and organize your content over the period of 1 month to 3 years to show your transformation or a piece of your story. The video will represent you, is intuitively done and is a very healing and soothing experience. The video to the left showcases what it's like to be a dreamer and to keep going even after a fall.


Melissa Ames - Spiritual/wellness film editor 

Available Hourly or per project - quick turnaround

Contact for pricing and a free consultation clarity call. I'd love to help you vision make your vision a reality! 

+1 714-393-3838

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