The Show

Be Empowered

The RUNfully digital series empowers viewers to run fully towards what makes their hearts sing. Think carpool karaoke/Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee for fitness motivation. Except instead of driving - we’re running, singing, dancing, and moving our way to mind, body, and soul transformation!

On the show we’ll use running as a metaphor for life to explore what walls our guests have pushed through and what first steps they’ve taken to reach inner success. It’s an uplifting show full of energy and real conversations about the struggles we can find the power to move through to follow our dreams and shine our lights fully.

Training and running races relates so closely to getting over, around, or through other life obstacles. Our host Melissa knows from experience there’s something magical that happens when you cross your first finish line that makes you realize “Well if I can do that, I can train my mind to do anything.” She hopes this show inspires you to go for it - whether it be finishing a first race, challenging yourself to go further than you thought was possible, or using the runners mindset to pursue a passion project.  

As part of the series you will be invited to participate in challenges that provide you with ways to test out the concepts for yourself, win prizes, and connect with others like you from around the world.

Whether you love running or hate it, by the end you will understand what all this hype is about.

Our Youtube channel also features free mindset tips, other fitness related content you won’t want to miss, and a global series coming soon where we find out about other cultures as we run around the world.


“This is so inspiring and motivating!!! I literally want to go run right now vs. laying on the couch. Thanks so much for sharing!!”

-  Instagram Follower