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Would you love to connect with people who energize and uplift both your fitness and life goals? Do you want to breakthrough to uncover your inner power and purpose? 


Are you in fully?

RUNfully is a mindset. We believe that when you use running as a metaphor for life and make the decision to fully commit, you discover your inner strength.


Through our YouTube series, 1-1 coaching, global events, and retreats, we use movement to guide you to unapologetically unleash your inner power, have breakthrough aha moments, and experience beautiful inspiration that leads to discovering your purpose while having fun in the process.

A marathon starts with a single step, but that first step can be the hardest as well as staying consistent. So, through our YouTube series, we search the globe to learn from people who've done it! People from all walks of life and all professions who have pushed past their own walls to find their passion and achieve their finish line dreams to inspire you to do the same.

But how do you stay motivated? One problem we’ve seen is people get inspired by the content they watch, but then lose their momentum. To solve this we pair connection, accountability, and step by step tools with our content to create real world opportunities for you to truly breakthrough.


This fitness movement is also unique because of the global connection component. There are people out there right now that are waiting to help you reach your next level and RUNfully is here to connect you with the people you need to grow. Join us to show the world what it looks like when we uplift and encourage EVERYONE to push past their walls.


So, how do you become involved?

The first step is to subscribe to our free channels and reach out with any questions or suggestions for what you’d like to see next. For more in depth guidance and support, see our upcoming events and coaching packages!

It’s time we unite on a global level and awaken to our inner power.

On your mark, get set, subscribe, and go!

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The Founder of RUNfully Global.

Hey everybody! I’m the founder of RUNfully Global.


6 years ago I had heart palpitations and didn’t think I could run past 3 miles. Crossing my first half marathon finish line in 2014 was incredibly life changing - both physically and spiritually.

Since then, I’ve documented my mission to run 13 half marathons in one year while singing, dancing, and sharing life lessons. Somewhere through all that, my heart palpitations disappeared! And to prove we can connect beyond borders through fitness, I ran 5k’s across 7 countries while interviewing locals.

After working as a production coordinator of Taco Bell Corporate’s

internal video team, I  took a leap of faith to begin my career in

the entertainment industry by leaving my corporate job to work

as an executive assistant to actor, director, and social entrepreneur

Justin Baldoni as part of his inspirational production company

Wayfarer Entertainment. I was given the opportunity to coordinate

an episode of the CW primetime special “My Last Days” as well

as a carnival for over 4,000 people experiencing homelessness.

There I developed my love for creating content and experiences

that matter - and RUNfully was born. 


I’ve been through so many ups and downs to know there’s absolutely no low you can sink to that you can't find the strength and the help to overcome. All it takes to experience great joy and find your purpose in the process is to get back up and try one more time. Giving the gift of encouragement, support, and a little push to help others get back up and run is my life mission. I can't wait to share more of my story and begin this next chapter with you.

Follow me: @MelissaAmes