Costa Rica Retreat

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Fall 2023

Are you a fitness minded creative or entrepreneur who wants to reconnect back to your power and heart, feel proud of your progress, and free to spread your wings surrounded by the magical rainforests and Pura Vida lifestyle of Costa Rica?

Then get ready to open your heart, break free to new levels of abundance, and channel creative energy into a project you’ve been dreaming to bring to life all in the rainforests and beaches of Costa Rica. 


We will use the RUNfully Method which includes running or jogging to breakthrough blocks, hikes through gorgeous national parks, dancing in rivers, journaling, meditation in hot springs, completing a creative project in community, and unique breathwork experiences that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, proud of your progress, and like a butterfly ready to spread your wings and take off. 


Get ready to reconnect to nature and your authentic spirit by living a Pura Vida lifestyle in a way tourists don’t often get to experience.


First we will get out of our heads and shed the layers of fear, doubt, and self judgment through an opening intention setting cacao ceremony, chakra balancing yoga, morning light inspirational jogs, flow with nature including visiting monkeys on the beach, horseback riding, and more.  


Once you’re grounded, we will experience the breathtaking rainforests in true resort style to support us in using that inspiration and energy towards a project of your choice like starting a podcast, writing a song, painting, editing a video, taking a big step in your business, or whatever has been tugging at your heart.


This will be done in community with 1-1 sessions and group brainstorming because we rise together. To keep the creative energy flowing, we will be taking breaks in hot springs, moving energy through powerful movement techniques, and revealing in the beauty of Costa Rica. 

Leave feeling sparked back to life and free from any chains holding you back from your full potential. 


Fall 2023

5 nights / 5 days of activities


$3,444 - All inclusive 

Or 3 payments of $1,333


* All meals prepared by our own personal chef including local cuisine

* All accommodations surrounded by nature with wifi available

* All internal transportation on private charters to beaches, rivers, rainforests, and hikes.

* All activities: breathwork, yoga, ecstatic dance workshops, hikes to see Costa Rican wildlife and waterfalls, guided running meditations, journaling, and 1-1 guidance and group brainstorming to complete a huge scary/exciting leap on your chosen creative project.  

* Free time to explore and flow

* National park entrances 

* A 1-1 call a few weeks before to discover what project you will be creating while on the trip and any areas you feel stuck.

* 2 group calls in the weeks following the retreat to support a smooth integration of your experience. 

* A goody bag filled with things to help you on your journey

* An agent to help you get the best flight deal possible

* And a custom mediation recording to use on one of the runs. 


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Reconnect with yourself and expand on your big idea through movement, nature, and a community of incredible creatives through this heart-opening experience in the rainforests of Costa Rica. We will use the RUNfully Method to break chains holding us back from stepping into our full potential. Activities include yoga, dance, hikes, running, powerful unique breathwork, journaling, and free time for flow/meditation/and play. 

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Right now flights are super low cost! Sara is amazing and can help you extend your stay as well.