Are you someone who loves fitness and is looking for a unique way to give back?

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And if you’re in Surabaya, Indonesia, Guadalajara, Mexico, São Paulo, Brazil, or Chandigarh, India - ask us how to be connected with the movement in your area.

Application for our next round of ambassadors coming in 2021!

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All ambassadors will receive a limited edition RUNfully shirt and more! Plus tons of support, advice, and encouragement from us and our growing ambassador network.

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We have big plans for this program as we grow to help people connect with the movement globally and step into leadership roles.

See below for a preview of what has happened organically so far!

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Our first RUNfully Global Sponsored International Race

At only 18 years old, RUNfully Global Ambassador Vimal Kumar managed his first ever race! We worked with him to create an event for the local Smile Foundation in Chandigarh, India to help him spread his love for running to his community. 40 kids ages 10-16 ran and received certificates of completion, biscuits, and refreshments. 

The same week RUNfully Global ambassador Niluh Tarina of Indonesia created an event for friends from her environmental NGO to run with her on International Women's Day!

They loved the run so much they asked her if they could do it again and pick up trash along the way the next time to incorporate a piece of the message behind their NGO.


“It’s not just a dream anymore for me to ask everyone to join me in having a healthier lifestyle. Thanks RUNfully Global!

- Niluh Tarina, Our Indonesian Ambassador