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Do you feel like you’re running in circles? Are you looking for inspiration? 


Do you want to accomplish a big goal, but struggle with consistency? Are you depressed or in a funk and looking for ways to move through it? 


Or have you been scared to take a big leap into a new adventure, but it keeps tugging at your heart?

Enter the RUNfully Mind, Body, Soul Method

A customized movement action plan unlike any other fitness program. 

We use the principles of running a race to help you push past limits to achieve more than you ever thought possible by:

Identifying YOUR ideal measurable movement goal. Whether that’s... 

  • Running your very first 5k

  • Crossing a half marathon or marathon finish line

  • Or staying consistent in another fitness goal


And we pair that with a personal goal like... 

  • Finally completing a passion project 

  • Experiencing aha moments that lead to uncovering your purpose

  • Diving into a new adventure

  • Moving from feeling low energy to being so full of energy you feel high on life and can't wait to run, dance, or work out

  • Or going from a place of disempowerment and depression to joy and connecting back to your authentic self

The RUNfully method will help you use fitness as medicine to get to the root cause of your low point or mental block and move through it. 

Then we set a date for completion, break it down into a step by step game plan, and have accountability check-in calls with custom mind, body, soul exercises!

There’s something magical about pushing past your limits physically that gets you into a flow state and awakens you to your full potential. If you’ve ever crossed a finish line you didn’t think you could make it to, you may know what I mean. And if you haven’t, I’m even more excited for you. 

Note, this is not for the faint of heart. A journey to the top of a mountain is not easy, but it does provide a more beautiful view. 


This is for you if....

  • You are ready to put in the work and commitment to breakthrough. 

  • You are tired of spinning your wheels and really want to move forward.

  • You would benefit from support, encouragement, and structure. 

  • You are tired of being stuck. Exhausted from doing the same thing over and over again with no results and are willing to receive guidance to get out of your comfort zone and literally move out of a funk.  


You want a program that is about more than just fitness. A program that gets to the core of your why and focuses on the emotional journey as much as the fitness journey. 

Your one on one sessions may also be paired with nutrition guidance, salsa or jazz dance lessons, strength and speed boosting exercises, journaling prompts, meditations, fun challenges, spiritual practice recommendations, custom recordings, connecting you with an accountability partner, or/and book, podcast, and music lists based on my years of experience depending on your goals and individual needs.

Coaching plans start March 15th.

Schedule your free consultation call to get some coaching & see which plan is right for you!

On the fence?

Why hiring a coach was a game changer for me…

  • *Accountability* - I can not tell you how incredibly valuable having someone who has been through a transformation themselves and is dedicated to your growth is to accelerating your process. Having scheduled calls, check-ins, and personalized exercises given to me when I needed them is the #1 thing that pushed me to make progress. 

  • *Energy* - Having someone on your side who is cheering you on and understands what you're going through is so motivating! On days when I’m down or feeling unmotivated, having a coaching call to look forward to is so awesome and by the end of the call, my energy has shifted.


*Declaring you are ready* - The most magical thing that’s happened to me after hiring a coach is seeing other doors open and feeling more centered, at peace, and aligned because starting a program means you are declaring to the universe you are ready to move forward. Just doing this has helped me to feel supported and other experiences and people who can help me on my journey have appeared.

The Results
  • End the cycle of being motivated and then losing your momentum

  • Get your fire back and feel confident standing in your power

  • Actually love and crave running/exercise (Just ask our past clients!) 

  • Find your purpose and take action towards it 

  • Feel accomplished, full of joy, and so proud of yourself!

You have the answers you seek inside you. Together we will unlock them.

About Melissa Ames

Creator of the RUNfully Method

Running, dancing, and healthy eating are my medicine. I’ve spent years working on myself and learning firsthand that “the best things in life come on the other side of our comfort zone”.


Over the past 6 years, I’ve been through some powerful transformations that have skyrocketed my fitness, personal development, and spiritual journey. I want to share everything I learned so you can step into your power, be comfortable as your most authentic self, have amazing adventures, and gain tools like me to find your way out of a low place into pure joy, love, and purpose. You are magical, you have a gift you are meant to share with the world, and I thrive in helping you untangle the obstacles so you can shine your light. 

I’ve always loved the feeling after a good run, but I had heart palpitations and didn't think I could make it past 3 miles. I kept saying someday I wanted to run a half marathon, but the harsh truth is someday is never going to happen. The moment I signed up for an actual race was the moment everything

shifted. I found myself having more energy, landing a dream job, and gaining new experiences that led to my next transformation. 

4 years later I hit another low point and decided to challenge myself to run 13 half marathons in a year. Through committing to run those races and sharing the lessons as I was learning them, I moved through my funk to being in the best shape of my life without trying, being high on life, discovering my purpose, and RUNfully was born. 

Because of taking leaps of faith BEFORE I felt 100% ready and because I’ve picked myself up after falls, I’ve had so many adventures. I’ve studied abroad in Costa Rica,I’ve traveled to 7 countries in a month by myself for my 30th birthday and interviewed incredible strangers along the way, and I’ve gotten to work on film sets I had dreamed about. All it takes to experience great joy is to pick yourself up one more time, lean in to the feeling of fear + excitement, and find people who will support you in the process. The story is only sad if you stop after the fall. It’s my life mission to help you through the valleys of life, encourage you to climb the next mountain, and connect you with ways to give back when you’ve made it to a peak.

Coaching plans start March 15th.

Coaching spaces will be limited.

Schedule your free 30 min coaching call!

Race of Your Life Packages:

The Starting Line

Intro rate


1 one hour coaching session, game plan, & custom recording. 


We will determine your goals, what’s keeping you stuck, and discuss an ideal timeline. 

After the call you will receive: 

  • A custom step by step game plan for you to follow

  • A personalized motivational recording based on your unique goals to listen to while you’re running or working out

  • 3 intuitive song choices for motivation. 

  • A complementary 30 min follow-up

The 5K Foundation System

$633 (price goes up February 15th)

                                 ***Exclusive Discount for  


6 weeks of group coaching sessions plus a bonus 1-1 intro call

(That’s 7 one hour coaching sessions!)

Connection, Progress, Joy. It takes 21 days to create a habit. We will work together to come up with a realistic 1 month fitness and personal goal and work together to breakthrough to achieve results step by step. The first week will be preparation and the last week will be a celebration. 

You will receive: 

  • An intro 1-1 goal setting call 

  • Followed by a custom step by step game plan we will work on together during our group sessions

  • 6 weekly scheduled group one hour calls to keep you accountable Including:

    • How to use movement to breakthrough, guest speakers, progress updates, Q&A, a supportive uplifting community, and more!

  • Everyone who signs up by February 12th will also receive these bonuses:

      a personalized motivational recording based on your unique goals to listen        to while you’re running or working out and 3 intuitive song choices

  • A max of 15 people will be a part of this first group to keep it intimate ~ application for our March community coming soon!

    • Subscribe or send us an email to be the first to apply!

  • Whether you want to run a 5k, 10K, dance, or just have fun with fitness again, this is for you. ❤️

The Marathon Transformation


*Partial Scholarships available. Schedule a free 1-1 call 

3 months of personal 1-1 coaching sessions plus an intro call  

(That’s 13 one hour coaching sessions and text support)

We will work together to come up with a 3 month fitness and personal goal like running a half marathon or marathon, reverse engineer it into a step by step plan, and then work together to create breakthrough results.  

You will receive: 

  • A custom game plan we will work on together and adjust as needed 

  • Two personalized motivational recordings based on your unique goals to listen to while you’re running or working out plus a custom intuitive playlist.

  • 12 weekly scheduled 1-1 one hour calls to keep you accountable and provide you with unique challenges and exercises to keep your momentum going 

  • A bonus virtual or in person motivational workout with me if paid in full

  • Support and encouragement via text 

“I’ve never felt this way before… My body was actually craving running and I’ve never felt that before!"

- Roan Peters,

Coaching Client