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Welcome To Runfully

Welcome to Runfully!

We are a global community, a movement, and a digital show that uses running as a metaphor for life to prove we can push past limits to achieve the impossible!

We believe when you use running as a metaphor for life and make the decision to fully commit, you discover inner strength to take first steps, go farther than you ever thought possible, and celebrate with people from all over the world who share your passion.

A marathon starts with a single small step, but that first step can be the hardest as well as staying consistent. So we'll learn from people who've done it! People from all walks of life and all professions who have pushed past their own walls to find their passion and achieve their finish line dreams.

Sometimes it takes being dragged through the mud to realize we already have everything we need within us.

This smile is from sweat, tears, and pushing myself past my limits physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

For me, 2018 was a year of transition. At the beginning of the year, I was at my lowest point. I thought to myself, “Well I had a great life, did some exciting things, have experienced great love... Maybe I’ll never find my way back to my center. Maybe that’s just it.” And I became numb and ok with that. Have any of you ever felt that way?

Committing to run a half marathon race each month was a huge part of pulling me out of that depression. -

This is half marathon 13 of 13.

I couldn’t wait to run this race and wanted it to last forever, but it didn’t start that way. Sometimes I had trouble just getting myself out of bed and that’s been hard to share.

My commitment to you for 2019 is to finally post each step of this challenge, every race, and the vulnerable lessons learned in hopes it helps one of you find your way back to your center - back to that feeling of overwhelming exploding smiling ear-to-ear in the mud joy because believe me if there’s only one thing I can share that I’ve seen, learned, and lived, it’s that we can pull ourselves out of anything - absolutely any situation - no matter how far lost we feel.

Whether its money troubles, physical aliments, hurt seemingly beyond repair relationships, lost loved ones, poor decisions you’ve made, literally anything.

We have been blessed with the amazing power and grace to overcome anything we set our minds to. Anything.

So, let’s take risks, let’s listen to our hearts, let’s follow our guts, let’s be vulnerable, let’s connect, and we’ll keep learning and moving forward together.

So, here goes.... 5, 4, 3, 2...

Here’s to the most beautiful year of our lives yet!

- Melissa

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